Friday, October 9, 2009


Hello, I know I said I'd update more often months ago and failed. I've been sort of busy but not actively showing anything, which is bad.

Here's the good part, I'm showing this animatic I've finished for this short "music video" I will finish sometime in the oncoming months. It's for Blur's "Theme from an Imaginary Film" which didn't make it to Parklife.

A friend was telling me showing stuff in progress takes out all of the mystery, but oh well...

It may take a while to load and I hope it's worth it. I'll probably do a few changes on the finished version as I saw things I didn't like so much when visualizing what I would do with the storyboards. I may post some of the original storyboard pages as well, since I cleaned, altered, or cut up a lot of drawings for the animatic.

Time to start on some backgrounds. In the meantime though I may start posting some character concept for this thing as well as a couple of background studies.

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