Friday, December 3, 2010

Healthcare Love Story

Healthcare Love Story from Sean Lane on Vimeo.

Putting up more past animations. This was done a few weeks after the last one I posted, also sometime in 2006. I like the tone of this one, but a lot of the animation gets sort of raggedy on some parts I apparently rushed.

I wish I had kept the backgrounds consistent where they were either scanned and colored beforehand all the way or completely drawn. I guess I wasn't thinking a ton about it.

As far as the character, he doesn't exactly belong in this setting, but he was used for it. It's sort of an everyman 1930s style cartoon character I was using for a while to just mess with animation since it's simplistic. I do have newer art of him in plans to maybe start a comic series with the guy someday, but I doubt I'll be making any shorts involving him for a long time if ever. There's a few other side characters that go with the revamp. I'll probably post the doodles on the blog in the oncoming weeks.

The nurse character was also sort of taken from another comic book concept I have had in my head for five or so years now as a lead character. She's just made into a nurse here. By the time I start getting her created in a comic story fashion, I'm sure she'll look very different. She's already sort of got a much different face. I guess if I ever start making pages, maybe someone will see the similarities.

The doctor... I don't know. I haven't used him before or after since. I am also sort of unsure of what tangent I was going on here with this cartoon, but I liked the tone and that's what I was going for more than everything. I'm sure if I did it all again now, it'd be more impressive and constructed better, but I probably won't go after this same set of characters and plot again. As is, I guess consider it an older experiment.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ween Bumblebee Pt. 2 Music Video

Ween - Bumblebee Pt. 2 from Sean Lane on Vimeo.

Did this relatively quick in some amount of time for a two week project back in school. I suppose it is a music video for a Ween track, but it's mostly vocals done in a weird yelling and screaming manner, which was the appeal.

I like a lot about this short besides the extremely limited animation, but the stuff you do when you are trying to just quickly finish something and a lot of the backgrounds make me think I should go back to this style of animating one day except maybe a bit more refined.

I see tons of parts I could fix, but I don't know why I should bother since it's done just as dirty as the song, so they suit eachother.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So following up on the Halloween digital painting, I went and colored a sketch around the same time of these skull frogs that were in the background. This time, still went completely over the underlying sketch and did not use it for the final piece of art.

Haha, as far as whatever is going on with the picture, I suppose the frog is a magic one and causes hallucinations upon impact with the tongue. Sounds about right.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pumpkins 2010

Here's the pumpkins for this year. I didn't carve all of these, I was helped, but all of the patterns are mine. Make a habit every year of making dumb fun pumpkins and then displaying 'em outside on the porch. This year there was a total of six brought for me!

So we've got these blues brothers type ghosts, some angry mushrooms, a vampire ferret, this unhappy worm, a little mouse witch sweeping, and a donkey zombie with a sombrero.

Zombie donkey looked the most amazing from the street.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here's this digital painting done for Halloween. I was thinking of doing a sort of color over my pencils, but I guess I got carried away and just sort of redid it on top. Really happy with this and my hedgehog wolfman thing.

Here's the pencils:
I changed a few small things because I had actually done this sketch two years ago with some sort of intent to do something, but I forgot. It's fun to notice smalls things in construction and different methods you draw stuff as you advance from drawing more and more over the years.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've got a new post right here for you.

This was made months back for a forum contest to make the box art for that godawful Dante's Inferno game coming up. I guess this is my take:

And here's the boxed version that will ultimately sell more copies: