Friday, December 3, 2010

Healthcare Love Story

Healthcare Love Story from Sean Lane on Vimeo.

Putting up more past animations. This was done a few weeks after the last one I posted, also sometime in 2006. I like the tone of this one, but a lot of the animation gets sort of raggedy on some parts I apparently rushed.

I wish I had kept the backgrounds consistent where they were either scanned and colored beforehand all the way or completely drawn. I guess I wasn't thinking a ton about it.

As far as the character, he doesn't exactly belong in this setting, but he was used for it. It's sort of an everyman 1930s style cartoon character I was using for a while to just mess with animation since it's simplistic. I do have newer art of him in plans to maybe start a comic series with the guy someday, but I doubt I'll be making any shorts involving him for a long time if ever. There's a few other side characters that go with the revamp. I'll probably post the doodles on the blog in the oncoming weeks.

The nurse character was also sort of taken from another comic book concept I have had in my head for five or so years now as a lead character. She's just made into a nurse here. By the time I start getting her created in a comic story fashion, I'm sure she'll look very different. She's already sort of got a much different face. I guess if I ever start making pages, maybe someone will see the similarities.

The doctor... I don't know. I haven't used him before or after since. I am also sort of unsure of what tangent I was going on here with this cartoon, but I liked the tone and that's what I was going for more than everything. I'm sure if I did it all again now, it'd be more impressive and constructed better, but I probably won't go after this same set of characters and plot again. As is, I guess consider it an older experiment.


  1. Really neat video Sean!!! You're so talented :D
    I made a blog, but it's not about anything you'd care about hahaha...unless you like cosmetics?
    Follow me back anyway!