Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hello! Time for another blog reboot. I have a lot of work backed up and that needs to be posted, as usual, plus stuff I've done already that I'd like to say something about.

So this one was done in an extremely strange place, in both setting and my life, about a month since my latest posting last year. It was not fun times to say the least, but this was done with a cheapo ballpoint pin on copy paper in an attempt to capture ways I used to draw before I made a career out of it.

Doing production art always requires one kind of focus, and concepting characters or backgrounds requires you to focus on one or the other more often than not, so you are essentially creating half a thing. There's no meandering, there's no setting up a story within a scene, there's no flowery details allowed as there is often no time. When carrying around sketchbooks years and years ago, I would often just have 4 or 5 junky illustrations going at once and intermittently adding details or parts to them. I really miss that, and while this is not the time to go back to it, I imagine one day it will become regular again.

The drawing itself is actually reiterating an image I've drawn a few times before over a decade ago. Something comforting, as it's what I needed. The Winsor McCay influence is probably too obvious, sorry about that. Due to usual artist insecurity, recently the scanned version is cleaned up a little bit and I changed the proportions of the face a little bit, as it they looked really bizarre on retrospect. The Photoshop color overlays were then added for help.

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