Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monster Island IV Yet Again Intro

One of the major contributions I made to Syfy Monster Island were the boss intro screens. The boss battles lacked any kind of notification for a while and I suggested a flashy intro to create excitement upon landing on a boss. So I designed a sort of template that had could rotate palette depending on the boss and then have a snippet of animation of the boss before doing that slow motion thing. Here's one with Megacroc (A Drew version of the Syfy creature):

It echos a sort of 60/70s horror film look with kind of rough paint splotches but since it's for a Facebook game, it retained an amount of color and cheeriness. Here's my test image using Pterodactyl:

And speaking of Pterodactyl, I think the animations I did for him are one of my favorites in game.

Pterodactyl was more Drew Johnson art, so on that note, here's another one of Drew's characaters I animated, the disgusting Corpsewalker:

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