Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Uncommon Scents

Uncommon Scents (Episodes 2 and 3) is about the strangest game I've ever worked on. It's an adventure game that takes place in the future but the purpose of the game is to teach prevention of huffing paint and the effects it has on your body if you do choose to do so. It's a very strange mix of things but despite how bizarre the project was, I managed to have fun on it and find little touches to add. It was all Illustrator work and I was to sort of fit a style going on in the game, since I was brought on for episode 2 and then further more in episode 3. I tried to push away from the initial flatter style and give the vector art a feeling of more depth.

 So the game consisted of a lot of rooms, like this panoramic lab where you do tests and minigames to find out the specific effects many of these chemicals have on your brain. A lot of the things in this room I brought into Flash and gave them many specific animations and transition scenes:

 Here's another room of the lab which holds a lab rat that I ended up doing many animations for a minigame in which you have to shock him (!):
Another background I made that I like is the bedroom of this paint addict where she has this cocky roomba and a floating mattress for a bed:
Besides some of the background most of the work entailed making a lot of random UI, Icons, objects, and other various assets for the minigames. Here's a few:

Yes, a talking glial cell.

If you are truly interested in playing these, they are on the Rice University site for them. You can't save though, and I only worked on some parts of Episodes 2 and 3 (Some of which is already here :)).

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