Monday, April 1, 2013

Monster Island Returns

       Reposting a few more of my animations for Monster Island. I did not draw or create any of these characters but I did some redrawing and touch up work on Mandrake, who I think is from one of those Syfy monster movies before Sharktopus.
       Next boss for the game is SS3, who I think was originally supposed to be SS Doomtrooper from another Syfy movie, but we didn't have the rights to make that character exactly. Later SS Doomtrooper appeared anyway, but I like SS3 better somewhat, with his tiny third arm and all, which I put a little bit of subtle animation on.
       Then we have Bio Octopus. There were three Octopus designs, including just standard Octopus, but this one with it's six eyes and strange gills has to be my favorite, so I'm putting this one up. I made him floating because we had no underwater level. Art by Alicia Andrew.
       And last we have for this post another piece of character work by the outsourcer who shall not be named. He's not particularly interesting, but I was told around the office that the shoot and reload animation I created for him was amazing. I suppose it is? I don't see it, but it goes here for good measure.

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