Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fantasy Kingdoms

I did some work on the Facebook game Fantasy Kingdoms with a few assets as well as some creatures. It was always a great experience because when working on assets it was a very individual thing where it was yours from start to finish. Also it was very foreign art style to me that I had to get accustomed to, which is always a good challenge. The other great thing is that you get a lot of direct feedback from fans whenever an asset comes out because one of the main draws for the players is getting something new to place on your isometric playspace.

A few of my best pieces I think were the clockwork doll and the spider carriage, both supposed to be within the steampunk sets:

Eventually I was tasked with creating creatures and animating them. I tried to bring a new precedent and add value to the creatures by having them go through a longer cycle of movement since in general creatures in the game were assets that just kept a constant idle motion going. So first we have the Fae, which is a kind of magical deer version of the centaur with nature elements:

Then there's the Valentine Pegasus Carriage which was a very good seller I hear. Really not my favorite but it was a bit complicated to put together a carriage and flying horse for tween animation and I am proud of it:

And if you are interested, here are the concept sketches I made for the two:

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