Sunday, May 5, 2013

Animation for Rewind This

So last year I was contracted to make an animation for the great documentary Rewind This! and it was an amazing experience. The basic outline was to make sort of a timeline to show the different video formats throughout the ages, from initial to today. I didn't touch upon all of them, but I covered major ground.

Since I had a limited time to work on this short outside of the hours of my day job on the video games, I decided to use elements of UPA cartoons and Terry Gilliam style cut out animation, but of course in my own style.

So here we go! (Also ignore the buffering time out it's going to do at the end, it's an intentional joke on streaming video)

So on that note, here's some initial sketches I did for the characters I would use:

Also there's a complete animatic I had turned in ahead of time:

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  1. groucho marx tophat-cigar dude is my favorite. He's tied w/ Mr. Wizard.