Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Livin' in the Fantasy Kingdoms

It's time for another post on Fantasy Kingdoms. Again the stuff is major fun because I had to become accustomed to the style and it's always fun to try something different. I think my absolute favorite thing to work on was the dragon pup. It was supposed to be an ultra cute baby dragon that would have six different skins for holiday seasons and promotions. Unfortunately only the original and the Mother's Day version were ever made. I was going to make one unique animation per cycle for each variant. So you can see from these two they are slightly different, with the Mother's Day version emitting hearts:

I think these guys ended up selling pretty well. I'm very fond of them myself. Here's the original concept I sketched before deciding on the final on the bottom right:
I also ended up creating a statue of the grown up version of the dragon with plans to have it also be an animated characters with multiple versions, but unfortunately I was placed on another project before that plan was carried out.
 There was one other character I created and animated for Fantasy Kingdoms and it was the Harpy. I don't think she was very popular with the audience in terms of sales, but I still had a lot of fun drawing and animating her:

And last, here is the concept I did for the Harpy:

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